About Jackie

My name is Jacqueline O’Neill, but everyone calls me Jackie.

My family consists of my 2 amazing children (20 months apart) an incredibly supportive Husband, a cat, dog and stick insects. Our house is crazy, loud and well lived in and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have a colourful background. I was born in Switzerland and grew up in Nigeria. We travelled a lot as children. I always thought that was the norm, until we settled in Western Australia. It was then I realised just how lucky we were – most the kids in school had never even had the opportunity to see snow.  

I speak fluent Swiss German, German and English – I am grateful my Father kept ensuring to speak Swiss to us when we came to Australia.

My intrigue in the body and all that is birth was sparked with my first pregnancy. I had a Breech baby on board and had to fight for my right to birth how I believed my body could. I am sure things would have ended very differently had I not done independent childbirth education and surrounded myself with supportive people.

I went on to have a very empowering positive birth, after changing providers at 39 weeks.

Because of this I recognised how important it is for birthing women and their Partners to be informed, empowered and supported through their journey.

This is YOUR journey, no one else’s. Embrace it, surrender to it and fill yourself with knowledge.

I am here to support you, your birthing partner and your baby. I am committed to helping you make an informed choice about YOUR perfect, positive birth.

I have listed a few things I can do which will help you feel relaxed, supported and empowered during your upcoming journey into Motherhood.

  • I will listen to you, I will encourage you to talk about anything you are unsure or nervous about, so we can prepare your mind and body for the birth you want
  • I can help you write your birth preference, which will give you and your birthing partner a sense of security in knowing your wants and needs are being met.
  • I am trained in acupressure, massage and Reiki which will help alleviate any intense pressure during labour and birth. I also offer massage before your baby is born, which will help you relax and ensure your pelvis is loose, relaxed and ready for birth. A long with the amazingly powerful energy work.
  • I am a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner, so I can offer you this amazing tool to help you and your partner navigate your journey through pregnancy and birth.
  • I have attended OMP and Spinning Babies workshops, which gives me tools and techniques to encourage your baby into a better position during pregnancy and labour to reduce the risk of interventions and caesarean.
  • I offer ongoing support via a Facebook support group for as long as you wish to be supported. This will be a closed group offered to my client only, so you can ask questions within the group and empower one another.
  • I can offer breastfeeding support, information and resources – to help you establish a good breastfeeding relationship with your baby or babies.

I aim to keep myself updated with the most recent evidence-based information, so you can feel confident I am providing you with the very best resources available.

If you feel you would like to meet up for a coffee and a chat about your pregnancy, please contact me via email [email protected] or phone: +61 400 247 857

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