Galacta Who……..Raw Boobie Barz

Galacta Who……..Raw Boobie Barz


Breastfeeding………… is one of the most natural things on earth, but it’s definitely not one of the easiest for some………a little bit like Birth. You have to work for it, and for some, you have to work for it HARD.

Some things that can help are introducing Galactagogues into your diet while you a breastfeeding.




These amazing foods/ herbs or spices are said to help increase your milk supply.



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There are a lot of different herbs or foods you can ingest to try and increase supply, but most of all, and MOST important is FEED FEED FEED if you want to have a successful breastfeeding journey.


By no means will anything work on your supply half as much as an “efficient feeder” the more your baby is on breast, the more milk you will make.


“Supply and Demand”


It’s not always that easy, and I GET IT!


Both my babies were crazy cluster feeders, to the point I would be breastfeeding for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT.


It was exhausting, emotionally and physically.


Having 2 under 2 was tiresome at the best of times, let alone being stuck under a boob monster who wanted “quiet” for his cluster feeding marathons. NO DISTRACTIONS. Yeah right.


I am sure 1 Boob was out consistently for a couple of years while I was breastfeeding.





Feel free to click here to have a read of my “My Top 10 Breastfeeding Tips” – from a mama (me) who didn’t have the easiest journeys.


So for me, having a snack which was high in Galactagogues, with a warm tea and a TONNE of water did help my supply in the latter of the day. Especially when I was feeling some what depleted. (Boobie milk depleted………..and sleep haha)


So without keeping you waiting any longer – my random, delicious, raw boobie barz recipe;







Base (the base is the Galacta central – pack that G in)


½ cup Oats (G)

½ cup Almonds (G)

½ cup walnuts or pecans

1 cup pitted dates

1-2 TBSP raw Cacao

1-2tsp Ginger Powder or raw (G)

½ cup brewers yeast – (very good G)


*1-2 TBP coconut oil – blitz up the rest before adding this, make sure it’s needed*


Middle (the caramely gooey layer)


½ cup nut butter / peanut butter / nutty butter of choice (almons is good as it’s a G)

½ cup raw honey

½ cup cocnut oil

Handful of chopped nuts of choice too for some added crunch




Top (the choc top)


1 block of 70-90% dark choc (how dark can you go?)

2 TBSP coconut oil

Additional only per taste

*1 TBSP raw honey

*Few drops of wild orange essential oil or

* Few drops peppermint oil (not for the low supply mama’s – can decrease supply)



INSTRUCTIONS – the how to!


Base (the base is the Galacta central – pack that G in)


  • I used my Thermomix, so literally just whizzed it up to a crumbly consistency
  • You could use any food processor, or if you are really committed use a mortar and pestle
  • Once crumbly but able to stick if you push it together in your hands, it’s ready to go
  • Line a baking tray
  • Press the base crumbs firmly down to make “crust”
  • Pop in freezer while you make the middle


Middle (the caramely gooey layer)


  • Put all ingredients into a saucepan
  • Melt down on low heat and mix
  • Add extra crunch if so desired
  • Pour over the base
  • Pop in freezer for an hour before starting the top chocolate layer


Top (the choc top)


  • I bring a small pot of water to boil, add a big glass or metal bowl on top
  • Melt the block of choc and oil
  • Add any “Additons”
  • Pour over the top and Voila





Pop it back in the fridge or freezer to set and then cut it up in chunks/slices/triangles whatever you want – EAT AND ENJOY.


Word of advice – leave it in the freezer and enjoy.


The ingredients are whole foods and healthy fats, so they are nourishing to your body and your babies, but don’t be fooled – if you eat the whole lot in a few days………your boobies and HIPS will be happy.



My name is Jackie O’Neill, I am a Birth Doula and an Independent Childbirth Educator who is inspired to help and support Women through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. I strive to keep myself informed with the most up to date evidence based information and resources.

“Live your life, Love your body, Birth your way”

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