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My Top 10 Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding Tips Breastfeeding! Well let me tell you a few things I learnt along my way. What I learnt through 3 half year of breastfeeding and counting. I am by no means a Lactation Consultant and don’t claim to be, so these are just the tips and trick that I picked up and would love […]

The Birth That Inspired Me. Breech!

YAY – I’M PREGNANT After a year and a half of trying to fall pregnant, I WAS FINALLY PREGNANT, and over the moon, yet a bit nervous as so many I knew had miscarried in their first pregnancy if not subsequent pregnancies. We however couldn’t contain our excitement and told everyone before the “12 week” […]

Milk Sharing!! It’s not Weird!

Milk sharing, donor milk, wet nursing – why is it weird?? Let me start by saying, everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinions and reasonings as to why they find the concept of wet nursing or donor breastmilk weird or not weird. But I would also like to shed some light on why it […]

Birthing Options In WA

I COULD HAVE MY BABY WHERE?? BIRTHING OPTIONS IN WA Where did you give birth? Did you know all your options? Did you feel like you chose the best place for you? Did you even know you had options, or did you think going to hospital was the only choice you had? I wasn’t aware […]

Benji’s Birth Story

I had a Stretch and sweep Friday afternoon. I was 2cm dilated and “soft” but not completely effaced yet. This was the only VE/medical intervention I had the entire process. Which I requested based on it working quickly for me last time and really wanted baby that weekend to fit in nicely with Rick’s uni […]

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