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Save Your Peri – My Top Tips!

I can guarantee “tearing” is one of the aspects most women fear about childbirth. Most women have heard so many horror stories of tearing from here to there during birth, or being cut and then tearing anyway. Sounds horrific right? Well, would you believe me if I told you, most of these women were probably […]

The Birth of Malakai

22nd June 2017 Off to KEMH today again, for another check up, ECG/ultrasound to make sure baby is still cephalic and monitor heart rate etc because fluid is a bit low and I’m over 40 weeks now so you know, panic panic. I’m bummed because even though Bub has turned from breech to cephalic I […]

Why a Doula?

In celebration of Doula week, I thought it was about time I got another blog out to you lovely followers. My chosen topic is very close to my heart.  Why did I chose this career path? Why a Doula? Let me take you back a few years. My first pregnancy! My little breechling Mary. Her […]

Birth Story – Regaining My Power

Shontae and Luke were expecting their second precious baby girl. After a fairly traumatic first birth experience, Shontae knew she wanted a different journey this time around. She knew she could, and she knew how to REGAIN HER BIRTH! This is their story. I knew from the day I found out I was pregnant that […]

My Top 10 Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding Tips Breastfeeding! Well let me tell you a few things I learnt along my way. What I learnt through 3 half year of breastfeeding and counting. I am by no means a Lactation Consultant and don’t claim to be, so these are just the tips and trick that I picked up and would love […]

The Birth That Inspired Me. Breech!

YAY – I’M PREGNANT After a year and a half of trying to fall pregnant, I WAS FINALLY PREGNANT, and over the moon, yet a bit nervous as so many I knew had miscarried in their first pregnancy if not subsequent pregnancies. We however couldn’t contain our excitement and told everyone before the “12 week” […]

Milk Sharing!! It’s not Weird!

Milk sharing, donor milk, wet nursing – why is it weird?? Let me start by saying, everyone is absolutely entitled to their own opinions and reasonings as to why they find the concept of wet nursing or donor breastmilk weird or not weird. But I would also like to shed some light on why it […]

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